An intro is a complicated thing.

10308567_1446399302269843_8884810978072601792_n When i started to play music to other people,i was very aware of what type of music worked for some people,and not so for others.That one fact alone is what i believe is 80% of what entertaining people as a DJ is all about.

For over twenty years,like many other DJs,i have played many different venues and many different styles,picking up many personal favourites from artists i never knew existed.Many times i have been asked for an old soul record or a classic rock anthem that had laid sulking in the dregs of my collection,only to somersault on to the dance floor like it should have there every night.

So,people who have heard me play will i hope have gone home and heard a varied selection of aptly chosen party pieces and i’m still chuffed to bits when they are,BUT,theres hundreds of tracks in my collection,that will never see “George and Wilma’s 60th” or young “Alan Metcalf’s 21st”,tracks which don’t quite fit into any genre or mood,tracks which i believe to be a moment of genius and beauty.I have a secret collection of tunes that leave you stunned,sound like no other,tunes that make you wonder why you don’t already own them.

Up until now i’ve never had the media to channel these tracks and showcase them to likeminded people who i hope will get on this little music journey i’m about to take.

Now theres nothing new here,my favourite radio station BBC radio 6 does this 24hrs a day and i kind of got the inspiration from them,knowing that there are people out there who like me,love the weird and the wonderful,admire the different and eclectic pieces that i stick on in the car on a dark,long journeys to work at 4 am most mondays.

So where does this leave us?.

where do i start?.

Picking a tune to be the intro track of many of my mixes was always harder than the mix itself.

Where do i begin with this blog?.

An intro is a complicated thing.

Well i’ve used this track quite a few times,it gets overlooked as its quite short,and its actually one of my own tracks,produced and edited on my laptop,its a simple piece with three samples looped together to make a rather striking intro to what should be a longer,more epic,piece…..maybe i’ll finish it one day.



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